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ABC Asbestos Binding Compound


ABC Asbestos Binding Compound is a high solids asbestos encapsulant/sealant, designed to encapsulate friable Asbestos Containing Material (ACM). The high solids, nonflammable composition of ABC allows for dilution with water to provide maximum flexibility for specific asbestos abatement needs, including lockdown, removal, penetrating encapsulation and bridging encapsulation.

ABC Fiberspray


ABC Fiberspray is the same great formula as ABC Asbestos Binding Compound, offered in a convenient “airless spray” can. ABC Fiberspray dispenses encapsulant from a unique 8 ounce bladder inside of the can. This CFC-free “airless spray” technology minimizes asbestos fiber release, and permits application of encapsulant in any position, even upside down.



Penewet is a ready-to-use, colorless wetting agent/surfactant solution incorporating advanced concepts in surface chemistry. It provides superior wetting, penetrating and coalescing of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) to permit handling and removal of these materials under damp, dust-free conditions. Penewet is a non-flammable, water based liquid that will not corrode aluminum components of spray equipment.

Fiberset Pm


Fiberset PM is a pre-mixed “lockdown” sealing treatment for microscopic residual fibers present after the removal of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM). Fiberset PM is a ready-to-use, Class A fire rated coating that provides a flexible barrier over residual fibers to ensure final air clearance. Fiberset PM is UL® classified for use as a primer for fireproofing replacement materials under the “Encapsulant Materials” section of the UL directory, and is compatible with leading brands of flooring adhesives.

Lag Kote


Lag-Kote is a white, 100% acrylic, high solids encapsulant/sealant specifically formulated for application over a variety of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM). Designed to encase spray-on fireproofing, asbestos-containing plasters and paints, transite, and asbestos-containing thermal insulation, Lag-Kote’s viscous formulation minimizes dripping, cleanup and product waste. Lag-Kote provides a smooth, washable, aesthetically superior finish that will provide years of lasting protection. Lag-Kote has excellent resistance to alkalis and can be applied directly over galvanized metal, wood, masonry or other sound surfaces. UV inhibitors make Lag-Kote suitable for encasement of exterior transite siding and asbestos fortified paint systems. Lag-Kote is water based.

Lag Kote 2


Lag-Kote II is a thick bridging encapsulant/sealant specifically formulated for application over interior friable Asbestos Containing Material (ACM). It is ideally suited to encapsulate interior pipe lagging, boiler jackets, breeching and other components of heating and ventilation systems. Its thick body minimizes dripping, cleanup and product waste while providing a smooth, washable, aesthetically superior finish that will provide years of protection. Lag-Kote II is a flexible coating that can be applied over galvanized metal, wood, masonry or other sound surfaces to prevent the release of harmful asbestos fibers.

Wet Wrap Seal


Wet-Wrap ‘N’ Seal is a permanent insulation encasement and repair system. It quickly covers pipes, breeching, valves, duct work and other fittings. Wet-Wrap ‘N’ Seal applies quickly and easily. Once dry, it permanently retains its strength, shape and form. Using Wet Wrap ‘N’ Seal followed by applying a bridging encapsulant satisfies procedures specified by the National Institute of Building Sciences in 1986 for the proper repair of insulation and lagging. For a bridging encapsulant, use SerpiMastic, Lag-Kote or Lag-Kote II. Available in 4”, 6”, and 8” x 9’ rolls.


4", 6", and 8"


9 FT

Lag Kloth


Lag-Kloth is a woven fabric impregnated with an inorganic adhesive, designed to repair and/or cover existing asbestos insulation on pipes, boilers and breeching. Areas that are repaired or re-covered with Lag-Kloth can be successfully top coated with Lag-Kote, Lag-Kote II or SerpiMastic for complete encapsulation. The self-contained adhesive in Lag-Kloth is water activated and non-flammable. Lag-Kloth can withstand temperatures up to 600°F.


Roll, Blanket, or Tape

Barrier Compound


TBC Transite Barrier Compound is a white, elastomeric thermoplastic water based copolymer, blended specifically to seal exterior asbestos containing Industrial Fiber Cement Board (Transite®). TBC is a high solids blend of resins that forms a hard yet flexible finish which is ultraviolet resistant and mildew resistant. It complies with all federal and state VOC requirements.

Industrial Grip Tack


Grip-Tack is a high solids, water based multipurpose lockdown / adhesive for capturing and sealing residual contaminants present before, during, and after demolition or removal projects. Its unique formulation provides a soft, tacky, flexible membrane, which locks down asbestos fibers, lead paint chips and dust to insure final clearance after the removal of lead and/or asbestos. The sticky finish traps lead dust and airborne fibers making it ideal for over-coating lead paint or asbestos prior to their removal or demolition. This product is also suitable for use as a lead paint adhesive primer for use over high gloss surfaces containing lead paint.



SerpiMastic is an off-white, high solids, water based, high performance mastic coating.  SerpiMastic dries to an ultra durable, weather-resistant protective coating that provides high impact protection for asbestos, cement asbestos board and thermal/insulations on boilers and pipes. SerpiMastic is also UL® classified as a bridging encapsulant for use with classified sprayed fiber and cementitious mixtures (UL Category CBUI: Encapsulant Materials).


Sprayable or Trowelable



SerpiFlex Asbestos Encapsulant is a white, concentrated, water based vinyl acrylic roduct that can serve your abatement needs for bridging, penetrating, removal, lockdown and soil encapsulation. In testing done by Battelle Laboratories under EPA contract, SerpiFlex was deemed acceptable for the encapsulation of asbestos containing material (ACM). SerpiFlex is also UL® classified as both a bridging encapsulant and penetrating encapsulant for use with classified sprayed fiber (UL Category CBUI: Encapsulant Materials). It is non-combustible and does not contain any solvents or silicates.