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Metacaulk Firestopping Products

Rectorseal Metacaulk 1500 Spray


Rectorseal Metacaulk 1500 spray is a water-based, elastomeric coating designed for spray applications onto perimeter barrier (curtain wall) construction and for joints between fire-rated assemblies requiring dynamic movement.

Most Common Applications: 

  • Curtain Wall Joints
  • HVAC Ductwork
  • Top of the Wall Construction Joints
  • Deflection Track Wall Systems


Metacaulk 1500 spray is water-based elastomeric firestop that is designed for spray applications onto joints between fire-resistive assemblies and perimeter barrier (curtain wall) assemblies. It cures to an elastomeric membrane seal that is suitable where dynamic movement is expected. In the event of a fire, Metacaulk 1500 will prevent the spread of flames, smoke, hot gases and water through the joint openings. No dilution or mixing is required for use. Metacaulk 1500 can be brushed or applied with a spray pump. Metacaulk 1500 systems are rated for up to 4 hour conditions in accordance with the UL 2079 (Tests for Fire Resistance of Building Joint Systems) test standards. Metacaulk 1500 has been cycled 500 times, meeting the new ASTM E 1399 standard. Also tested in accordance with ASTM E 814 (UL1479) for systems up to 3 hours.

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Rectorseal Metacaulk 1200


Rectorseal Metacaulk 1200, available in three consistencies, is a single-component, general purpose, fire-rated sealant for construction joints, such as: top of the wall, curtain wall perimeter, expansion, control, etc. Can also be used for general construction gaps and voids.

Metacaulk 1200 is a water-based sealant designed for spray application. It allows fast, economical installation on long joint runs. Self-Leveling is made for horizontal applications and Caulk Grade is a non-sag sealant that is easy to apply.

Metacaulk 1200 is also an excellent, fire-rated acoustical sealant. It cures to an elastomeric seal suitable for use where dynamic movement is expected. STC rating 65, Tested in a UL 411 wall assembly/section to ASTM E90.

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RectorSeal Metacaulk 1100


RectorSeal Metacaulk 1100 is a water-based intumescent firestopping sealant/mastic and smoke seal designed for spray application. Metacaulk 1100 can also be brushed or troweled if desired.


  • Construction Joints
  • Top of the wall
  • Top of the curtain wall perimeter
  • General construction gaps and voids.

Metacaulk 1100 also has sound tesing: STC rating 54, Tested in a UL 411 wall assembly/section to ASTM E90.

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