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Ok, so you have noisy neighbors, welcome to the club.  The rap music at 2:00am, the constant bickering, fighting, and yelling, and the infamous 'wake startling' door slam on the other side of the wall can drive you nuts!  If you have paper-thin walls you may have problems with quiet neighbors as well.  You may be able to hear regular conversations in detail, a normal volumed television set, or the early riser's alarm clark in apartment 2b.

So what can you do?  First, its always best to talk to your neighbor and let them know that their noise is effecting your lifestyle.  This can solve the problem in some situations, but unfortunately not in all cases.  There is also the solution of finding a new apartment, but as we all know this is both expensive and impractical and with your luck your new neighbor might be even louder (or an aspiring rockstar drummer).

Ok, so jokes aside, there are a couple of ways to help solve the noise issues and they all include making your shared wall a soundproof noise barrier.


Roxul Afb

Roxul AFB (Acoustic Fire Batt) is an acoustic insulation made out of basalt rock and has a higher density than traditional fiberglass batt insulation. Roxul AFB is installed in interior walls, ceilings, and floors to help absorb sound waves being made by those noisy neighbors. Roxul AFB can be easily cut and uses friction fit to install between 16" on center studs for quick and easy installation. Roxul AFB is also a fireproofing product that helps slow down the spread of flames in case of fire.


MetroFlex Mass Loaded Vinyl

MetroFlex Mass Loaded Vinyl is a sound barrier material that is one of the highest rated and top selling soundproofing products on the market. Mass Loaded Vinyl is a heavy yet flexible damping product that can add sound blocking mass to any wall/ceiling. MetroFlex MLV has a standalone STC rating of 27 which is comparable to adding a 2x4 wall with 1/2" drywall on both sides! MLV is most commonly installed inside two sheets of drywall or installed on the studs with a layer of drywall placed over it.


Acoustic Blocking Sealant

MetroFlex Sound SealR Acoustic Blocking Sealant is a latex-based sealant that is used to seal joints of mass loaded vinyl and used to seal the outside perimeters of wood framing and drywall of soundproof walls. Sound SealR is specially formulated to remain flexible after fully curing allowing it to absorb vibrational sound waves. MetroFlex Sound SealR Sealant can also be applied on the face of studs before drywall application and can be used to fill small holes and cracks.


Putty Pads

Outlet Box Putty Pads are square sticky pads that are applied to the backside of electrical outlet boxes or light switch boxes to block out sound waves. When constructing a sound barrier wall, these outlet boxes are usually mistakenly left alone, allowing sound to easily channel through these openings. With the simple application of a putty pad, these openings for sound are closed, helping the wall retain its STC rating.


Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound

Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound is a viscoelastic damping compound that is applied between two rigid layers of building materials (usually drywall) to soundproof the walls, ceilings, or floors. By damping these vibrations, Green Glue is able to reduce the amount of sound transferring from one side of the structure to the other.